Why is it important for social media influencers to choose the right name

Why Is It Important For Social Media Influencers To Choose The Right Name?

Why did Pepsi change the name of their Sierra Mist drink to Starry?

Sometimes you can get lucky when taking on the big guys but I would not bank on it.

‘Facebusk’ was always going to get taken down.

When social media influencer and supermodel Molly Sims marketed product called BROW DEFINING BOOST using the  social media hashtag #BROWBOOST, she was always going to clash with Petunia Products, owner of the BROW BOOST trademark. Molly did not win.

So when social media influencer Cierra Mistt was told by Pepsi she could no longer use her name because it was too similar (sounds like) the Pepsi drink called Sierra Mist, it was always only going to go one way…….

That is until Cierra Mistt checked and realised Peps had stupidly allowed their trademark to lapse by not paying a renewal fee. Boom – free gifts rolling in!!

Guess who had to rebrand to Starry?

Check the video and see for your self

Think twice before you choose a social media name. Do some research ask someone like Exalt IP to help you search. It might well save you a whole host of trouble later.

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