We are trying to do our bit to make the world a better place as this is something we believe in and we are trying to do our bit to achieve this.

Put simply, every time we make a sale, we give something back. When someone recommends us, we give something. So the more successful we are, the more we give. Sounds good right?

Our main charity is

We have given £000's to Cancer Research UK. We hope we inspire other businesses to do the same and to do their bit to heal the world.

Contribution to Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the No.1 charity that we serve.  Every time we won a new client by referral, there was no marketing cost, and so we gave £100 to Cancer Research UK. 

Sadly everyone is touched by cancer, and one in three of us will get it.  However, the good news is that it is not the death sentence it once was, and it is believed that we are not too far away from a cure for Cancer.

We do this in the name of our clients, so they get the credit and the certificate.

So far we have donated  £000's.

Dawn Elvin

Former Senior Vice President, Personal Health Care & General Manager Global Pharmacy at Procter & Gamble John is a highly accomplished insightful leader who leverages his extensive experience to identify and guide on how to make the most of company intellectual property. His interventions open up a wealth of strategic options providing significant growth opportunities.

Neil Court Johnson

John has played an invaluable role in assisting us to develop and implement a trade secrets programme, to identify and roll out IP best practice in process and systems - and has provided us with critical support regarding IP in real life business negotiations. I would strongly recommend John as a business partner.

Christine Jennings

I have worked with John for many years within the IP industry. He has an impressive ability to identify opportunities and turn these into commercial business deliverables.

Katie Gordon

I was very confused about what unregistered trademark and registered trademarks were, IP protection and simply how to protect my business and IP assets.

Brian Mwenda

“It is always a delight working with John. He has been an invaluable resource to our business as we build our intellectual property asset base. We have successfully received registration for trademarks and patents while following an IP strategy developed by John.

Harry Dunlop

“I was fortunate enough to work with John relatively early-on in my career and look back on that time extremely fondly. John is an exceptional and instinctive mentor and coach who always brings a wealth of business and IP experience to any situation with understanding and compassion.

Simon Webster

I thoroughly enjoyed working with John. We built two new products together, worked on challenging market and customer opportunities and had a great deal of fun along the way.

Colin Hunter

I have known John for many years and I value his logic, his structured thinking and his ability to make complex simple especially, not not only, in IP. Would recommend him highly as a strategic and thinking partner.

Christian Bunke

Exalt IP coached us on how to achieve amazing value for our IP assets when we sold the business and the IP separately