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Naming is one of the most difficult things you’ll do, because big brands defend their name vigorously.

‘Naming is one of the most difficult things you’ll do, because big brands defend their name vigorously’. Michael Hobbs.


If you are a small, specialist nutrition brand from Wigan, why would you knowingly step on the toes of food giants like Nestle, and call your product ‘Crunch’?

‘Why? Because name spaces – the combination of domain names, social media IDs, and trademarks – are congested. It is very hard to find a good combination that is not going to get challenged.’ Entrepreneur Michael Hobbs, posted on LinkedIn earlier this week.


85 year old Crunch was Nestle’s best selling bar in the States at one time and was launched in the UK in 1965. Nestle decided it was time to take down the name KBF Enterprises were using for their protein bar, Warrior Crunch, except a legal error lost Nestle the battle!!


Unbelievably the lawyers for Nestle failed to submit a document on time, lied about it, and as a  result the UKIPO registrar responded by revoking the Nestle CRUNCH trademark!!


Scan the horizon and look out for risks

As Michael says: ‘If namespaces, #trademarks and personality rights are complex in our current digital and physical world, how do they play out in the world of #AI and #advertising?’

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