Why is Intellectual Property like having a Big Dog?

It Barks for You

If your dog has a loud bark, snarls and shows its teeth, then thieves will walk on by and choose another property to break into.

Deterrence is the best form of defence.

You do not want to get embroiled in the clean-up, engagement with law officials and courts, it just takes too much time and money.

Business intellectual property works the same way, it helps others understand that you have identified, valued and protected the key assets in your business, and gives them food for thought about how easy it would be to get away with stealing it.

You cannot defend what you do not know you own.

First step then is an audit of all your assets, a proper detailed assessment that looks into all the unique aspects, competitive advantage and your business plans. This assessment then helps flush out all the key assets of your business, then how best to protect them.

Having identified all your business intellectual property you are then able to protect and most importantly mark that protection. Widespread usage of all the relevant intellectual property signs and symbols is key. This speaks to having good locks, an alarm and a patrol company looking your place over. 

Copyright ©, Trademark ® TM, Patented (pending), Designs, brand protection surveillance, know-how capture, trade secrets programme, innovation harvesting, contracts, IP insurance, NDAs and terms and conditions that speak to the value and protection measures you will exercise to defend your rights, are so important.

Once you have your business intellectual property dog it will bark for you.

What kind of business intellectual property do you prefer in your business?

Why is Intellectual Property like having a Big Dog? it barks for you

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