Who is really doing your work and are they safeguarding your valuable IP ?

Are your people actually doing their job, or is it someone else?

The Rise of the Shadowy Outsider and how many jobs could they actually do?

What are the security implications of this outsourced work?

Your employee prefers working from home, they have your laptops, systems and security protocols. But what about their mobile or their personal laptop and who are they communicating with about your work?

You sign an NDA or contract (to protect your know-how, secrets and IP) with your supplier and all is well. But who is doing your work? I am not talking about ChatGPT, I am talking about the person doing the work and whether it is who you think it is?

This may seem far fetched but people are actually outsourcing their jobs and your sensitive and valuable information is at risk.

In a recent investigation Business Insider uncovered a global trend where “a wave of workers are secretly outsourcing parts or even all of their jobs.” In this world of “shadow stand-ins,” workers in Lower Cost countries including India and Pakistan have surged in popularity, accelerated by the pandemic.

“It becomes very easy for people to take the support when working from home,” said one shadow stand-in who lives in India and who has been in business since 2019. “After the pandemic,” said another from Pakistan, the industry “boomed.”

A black-market IT helpdesk?” Apparently “shadow stand-in” work is particularly common with SAAS tools like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and AWS.

How about this – your people are targeted with proposals on LinkedIn where they apply for jobs; and when they secure the job the “shadow stand in” does the work on their behalf in return for a share of the salary!


Who is really working on your projects and safeguarding your valuable IP

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