Where is the Knowledge Held in Your Business?

Where Does Your Business Hold Its Knowledge: In People’s Minds or within Systems?

WORKFORCE MOBILITY. In this age of massive employee mobility, remote working, lay-offs, and erosion of non-compete clauses, how do you retain the knowledge in your business?

HEADS. Most corporate knowledge is stored in the heads of employees, which means it leaves every day and occasionally does not return.

DOOMED TO REPEAT FAILURES? Without retaining corporate knowledge the next employees are doomed to repeat the same mistakes (redo the same code, go down the same blind alleys, annoy the same customers).

KEY PERSON. Let’s face it when a key person leaves panic sets in. What do they know? How valuable will it be to a competitor? Can we contain the risk?

KNOWLEDGE AUDIT. What is the most valuable and sensitive (market moving) knowledge and information in your business – the crown jewels? What are the risks associated with it? What happens if it is lost? What happens if a competitor gets hold of it? Do we need to capture and codify it in a system?

TRADE SECRETS. The most sensitive knowledge and business information should be protected with a trade secret programme, otherwise you have no recourse when it is stolen, lost or just handled badly.

ASSESS YOUR RISK: What’s Your Potential for Losing Critical Corporate Knowledge? Rate it on a Scale of 1-10?

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JOHN PRYOR: I am John Pryor, I am a strategy consultant focussed on intellectual property and dedicated to helping people and business to make the best use of all available IP to compete and win in the marketplace.

My aim is to increase people’s understanding of Intellectual Property, so that they can successfully and cost effectively use it in their business, to help achieve a higher valuation.

Book: The Innovation Handbook, 2nd Edition 2010. chapter:  How to maximize the value of your intellectual property.