What is Intellectual Property (IP) actually?

What does the intellectual property (IP) jargon mean?

Why is there so much jargon in IP?

What are the key IP terms?

Too many people confuse the terms, because IP ‘jargonese’ is designed to keep us out! Think about it developing your own language provides barriers to entry and jobs for life. Education on IP is not good and few people have received enough to understand the basics yet 80-100% of the value of your business is IP!

Here are a few simple ways of remembering the key terms

Trademark think Apple logo

Copyright think Ed Sheeran’s lyrics or music

Design think the iconic Coca Cola bottle

Patent think the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner

In case you are interested there are other forms of intellectual property captured under Brand, Reputation, Innovation and Knowledge- see the chart below

I am John Pryor making IP accessible and valuable for your business.

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JOHN PRYOR: I am John Pryor, I am a strategy consultant focussed on intellectual property and dedicated to supporting people and business to make the best use of all available IP to compete and win in the marketplace.

My aim is to maximise people’s understanding and to help develop their skills, so that they can deploy IP in their business successfully and cost effectively, to help achieve a higher valuation.

Book: The Innovation Handbook, 2nd Edition 2010. chapter: How to maximize the value of your intellectual property.

ABOUT THE VIDEOS: In these videos I explain some of the most important aspects of intellectual property in ways that make it relevant and accessible to business people.

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