What is in a name? The one you love is not always right.

Choose your trademark or brand name carefully


Because you do not want to attract the attention of Facebook, Paypal, Hugo Boss, Harrods or LVMH, worried about trademark similarity misleading their customers.

Your trademark (registered or not), is the mark under which you do your business and you want it to reflect your product or service.

You will invest substantial resources in building the business using that name, so choose well so you do not face the issue of having to change it later.

What to do

Check the search engines like Google, review social media, look on domain name registries and check with the intellectual property offices.

Avoid this

But also ask yourself and your mates what they think. If they say well FinPal or PayPool might attract the attention of PayPal, or Facebusk might annoy Facebook, of Boss beer might give Hugo Boss a hangover, then think again.

The issue is you might win a fight with the giants but it will cost you £15k plus all the wasted energy fighting the case. Energy and money you could have been using to build your business.

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Book: The Innovation Handbook, 2nd Edition 2010. chapter:  How to maximize the value of your intellectual property.

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