We are what we eat but now we are worse

In 1970 one in ten British adults was living with obesity; now it is almost one in three.

Obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer.

Obese people are 5 more likely to get diabetes.

Diabetes costs the UK £23bn a year.

Studies show diabetes can be reversed by changing what we eat!

I attended the Public Health Collaboration conference at the weekend, where I met some inspirational people who changing lives, improving mental wellbeing and making people healthier overall. @Eddie Abbew; @Anthony Chaffee; @graham Philips; @gary taubes @donal collins @sheila docker @moira newess  @victoria ross

In a trial by Virta Health half of patients prescribed insulin at the start of the trial no longer needed it at five years and across all diabetes drugs, prescriptions were reduced by nearly 50%.

UK trials by RediCare showed diabetes remission in 45% of cases through better diet, (RediCare is a Digital Therapeutics firm, using software to treat Chronic Disease).

Why is it that we pay to treat illness but we do not pay to incentivise health?

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