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The letter that nearly ended Represent®️

They wanted all the money that we had.

George Heaton is the owner and creative director of the $100m British luxury streetwear brand, Represent.

In this excellent interview with the Diary of a CEO, George reveals how a trademark letter almost broke him.

What was your hardest day?

That was the worse day of the business – it was rock bottom.

We got a letter from a company also called #Represent in Europe telling us that we were basically ‘done’. They wanted millions. That was the worse day.

What did the letter say?

It said that they owned the trademark in Europe and they were just going to take us for everything we had – we could not carry on trading.
They wanted more than what we had.

It was the devil that woke me up every night. We were asking is this even our business any more. It really restricted us – every decision we made, every garment we sold. We spent so many months trying to figure out what we could call the brand if we changed it. We could not go on #socialmedia.

We thought we owned the #trademark because we had the UK IP and all over the rest of the world. We thought it was dormant company, but apparently it was selling clothes!

The Benefit of Hindsight Upfront™️


Credit to #TheDiaryofaCEO

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