How to safeguard intellectual property for startups

When starting a business it is worth spending the time getting the branding right from the beginning. So when Black Crows™️ ski brand started out they invested time and energy into designing their logo. They also protected the brand name and logo with trademarks early on in the life of the business.

Developing the right brand protection strategy early on makes later success easier to protect and defend.

Growing at 20% a year Black Crows™️ has carved out an iconic brand from humble starting point in 2006 when two professional freestyle skiers in Chamonix decided to develop a type of ski that they would like to use.

The six chevrons represents a friendship group of free skiers and is symbolic of the kind of birds (choughs) that soar around the mountains in Chamonix, said to be the reincarnation of old mountain guides.

Whereas other brands will have straplines like ‘Kinetic energy return system’, Black Crows go for ‘Flexi Bird’ or ‘Still on Mute’ as more human friendly messaging.

Time invested early on with regards to brand and brand protection with trademarks is a very good strategy for fast growth businesses in the UK

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