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IP is hidden from view

The thing about IP is that it is not visible and the disasters are often swept under the carpet.

Consider the #VW #RollsRoyce #BMW trademark issue 25 years ago that no one has heard about.

Here the IP was hidden from view in that the #trademark was held in another division and no one asked or looked for it, they just assumed it would transfer across after the M&A closed!

Did you really expect VW to announce that they had bought a ‘lemon’ and that they could not sell Rolls Royce cars under the famous badge, because it had been sold to BMW in a side deal?

I often hear that ‘we do not have any IP of value’ and actually what I am hearing is ‘I do not understand the value of our IP’.

This is the main reason that value is lost.

Not knowing what you own and the #value of it, will become more of an issue, note the SEC ruling about identifying defending all assets of the business. Until this becomes mainstream there will continue to be hidden and low priced assets available for easy pickings for those that know.

Don’t be a victim, get to know your IP assets.

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