How Important is IP Culture in M&A Due Diligence?

The best M&A Due Diligence includes a thorough assessment of the organisation’s intellectual property management, strategy and culture.

Value at Risk

Intellectual property risks can be costly. They include: Not owning the Brand rights to go to market; Hidden Litigation threats; Diminished Competitive Advantage; Weakened Software; Inability to sell the product in the current form.

Counting Does Not Count

A readily available list of IP whilst impressive, only tells part of the story. There needs to be much more than numbers to pass muster.

A Majority of Patents Are Irrelevant

How do those patents protect current products in the market place? What money could you save by monetising or abandoning them? Most patent portfolios can be trimmed by 25% without any impact whatsoever.


An IP strategy that captures and protects competitive advantage meanwhile addressing identified risks is essential.

IP Culture

The intangible of all intangibles. How why and how do you assess IP culture?

An effective IP culture means the whole organisation is attuned to identifying new IP, protecting, defending and leveraging existingIP, respecting the IP of others and highlighting potential issues before the event.

How good is IP awareness? How frequent is the IP training? How motivated and incentivised are the people to identify, defend and leverage IP?

What is the view from the top?

One Question

If I got to ask one question on IP during M&A Due Diligence it would be ‘describe the IP culture of the organisation’?

I am John Pryor, making IP accessible and valuable for your business.

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