Tesla sue supplier over trade secret theft

Can You Sue Suppliers For Stealing Your Inventions?

What If Your Partner Files Your Trade Secret Inventions As Patents?

Tesla Is Suing EV Battery Supplier Over Alleged Disclosure of Trade Secrets

It often happens in partnerships that your partner files your inventions as patents, or perhaps even worse your trade secrets as patents.

It is not always malevolent since ideas come into people’s heads and they cannot always remember where they originated – busy people working on lots of projects maybe only spending a short time on yours etc.

Sometimes it is the bigger party asserting their dominance – essentially saying ‘so what? we are helping both of us and we will give you a license anyway’

Tesla seem a bit worked up about this one (with Musk you never quite know what is going on) but they have sued a former supplier over stealing trade secrets and filing patents on the back of them.

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Having a clear list of your Trade Secrets upfront and date stamped helps assert your rights in such cases.

I think a growing issue is not just asserting your Trade Secrets but also proving that you have not misappropriated other people’s Trade Secrets especially as many countries are making Trade Secrets theft as criminal law now.

Having a list of what is yours and clear policies and training in place will help here.

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