Why do you need a trade secret programme?

Why do you need a trade secret programme?

Do you want to be able to defend against theft of valuable corporate information?

Trade secrets are hitting the headlines and for very good reasons, they are very effective at defending valuable inventions and commercial information. The law around trade secrets has been tightened up over the last seven years in all major economies and hence Trade secrets are much more effective than ever before. Once you start looking you will find numerous recent trade secret cases, see the list below:

May: Pegasystems fined $2bn planted a spy at Appian for 10 years.

Jul: Doka sues director for leaking trade secrets to new employer

Aug: Winsopia posed as a customer to copy software from IBM

Aug: OpticsML claim that Altada accessed its technical expertise via its investor Rocktop

Oct: Ford hit with $105M verdict over trade secrets

Nov: 20 years for Chinese ‘spy’ stealing secrets from GE and Safran

Most trade secrets are stolen by employees or ‘partners’ and once you realise this you will be able to take the steps to reduce the likelihood of it happening and give you protection and defence when it does.

Unlike other well recognised intellectual property rights like patents and trademarks, trade secrets are not a registered right, meaning you do not have to apply to the Intellectual Property Office for this right. You could say that it is automatically granted, but in reality that is only the case if you have taken the steps required to identify and protect this corporate valuable information from theft and misappropriation.

I know this is a business intellectual property right you will thank me for telling you about

It is not easy to get your head round I know

What competitive advantage should be protected in your business?

Why do you need a trade secret programme?

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