When is the right time to develop your intellectual property?

The time is now

Most businesses only fortify their Intellectual Property when it is already too late

….with IP it is better fix the roof whilst the sun is shining

Many clients leave it until after an ‘event’ to properly get their head around intellectual property and then they are just scrambling to play catch up.

To avoid the lost value, expense and management diversion of the ‘the scramble’, it is surely better to to ‘be prepared’ in advance of any issues?

The Intellectual Property game can be complex but is far more simple if you learn the rules and develop your intellectual property portfolio from the start and then on an ongoing basis, with regular reviews.

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When is the right time to develop your intellectual property?

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For over 20 years I have been helping business to Win With IP: Using intellectual property to protect ideas, creations, inventions, and competitive advantage.
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