Want to know why value from IP requires more than just patents?

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Chamber of Commerce: 4th October 2022

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“We are moving away from a classic patent driven IP model” Bill Lafontaine General Manager, Intellectual Property & Vice President Research Business Development at IBM.

The current recommendation is to take a blended approach to IP rights: meaning not relying on one form of IP too heavily and recognising that patents are not the protection they used to be.

Think of IP as anything your company knows that gives it a competitive advantage ie anything that you would want to keep secret from your competition and /or prevent them from copying.

If you don’t know what you’ve got and you’re not managing it, there is every chance it is leaking or being misappropriated, inadvertently or deliberately.

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During this online workshop we will examine:

·       What a ‘blended IP strategy’ actually means for your business

·       Current trends in IP protection

·       Why you have much more IP than you realise

·       Why trade secrets are very important to your business

·       Why building a ‘castle’ for your (IP) crown jewels make sense

·       How to use IP as a business construct for sharing

·       How to extract value from your IP – how to calculate ROI

·       How to use IP to enhance the value of your business

·       What do stakeholders need to know about your IP

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