Jessica Gadirova Bronze in the world championship gymnastics

Were you taught gymnastics in school?

British gymnasts shone at the World Championships this week, placing 3rd overall.

I am amazed at the strength, endurance, flexibility and technical expertise of these athletes – I could watch it for hours.

Special mention for 18 year old Jessica Gadirova who was crowned World Champion for the floor routine (artistic tumbling) and Bronze in the all-round event – such a confident and joyful performance.

Gymnastics teaches the fundamental movement skills (climbing, swinging, balancing, jumping and landing) that are at the core of every other sport. Success at all other sports requires high levels of agility, balance, coordination and speed – the basic gymnastics skills.

Gymnastics provides excellent foundations for a life of movement and enjoyment in sports

In my view gymnastics should be taught in all schools

Were you taught gymnastics during your time at school?

Jessica Gadirova
Photo courtesy of Sandro Halank, Wikimedia Commons

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