Want to know how large companies save money using IP?

The UK patent box scheme is an amazing innovation incentive for all UK based businesses with at least one patent. 

50% of the companies claiming the patent box tax relief are based in London and 92% of the money is claimed by large companies!

It is really important that smaller non London based companies get to benefit from this innovation incentive but with only 1400 companies claiming each year it really has a narrow audience. 

Innovation tax specialist Caroline Walton of Claritas Tax and I ran a webinar recently to promote the scheme more widely. The first half is on the value IP brings to business and the remainder on the patent box scheme.

As we think this scheme is so important we are offering a free 30 minute consultation – so please get in touch to set up a time. 

We Can Help You so get in touch email john@exaltip.com or call +447587885131 for a Confidential and Free Initial Chat or check www.Exaltip.com for more information.   

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