Something for your head sir?

Barbers are being trained to identify signs of mental health problems and help prevent suicide by recommending direct support. 

Suicide touches many lives and has recently reared its head closer to me than is comfortable. 

The Lion’s Barber Collective has been working on training barbers for several years now. 

Congratulations then to Gymshark who this week opened their first barber shop “Deload” in Shoreditch, London — a barbershop with mental health trained barbers supported by The Lion’s Barber Collective 

Tom Chapman the founder of Lions Barbershop Collective says:
Our charity aims to raise awareness of issues around men’s mental health and specifically, suicide. Every year as many as 6,500 people take their own life in the UK and statistics show that this happens every 40 seconds globally. Our mission is to reduce these numbers and move towards a world where suicide no longer exists. Barbers and hair professionals are in a unique position to offer support to their clients. We train them, not to be therapists or counsellors, but to RECOGNISE where someone might be struggling, ASK direct questions, LISTEN without judgement and signpost them to further HELP. The more barbers we can train, the more people we can reach, the more opportunities we have to potentially save someone’s life.

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