Should We Be Worried That Chinese Education on IP is Much Better Than Ours ?

Standards of Education

‘The average 11 year old in China knows more about IP than PhD students in the UK’, Ian Harvey, Professor Imperial College London.

IP Value

With the majority of the value in any business today being protected by IP should we be concerned that IP education is so poor?

UK IP Education

Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving a lecture to some very bright 17 years olds at a local school, none of whom had received any education on IP.

Personally I achieved 17 years of formal education with no training on IP until I entered the workforce.

The Future of World Trade is Intellectual Property

Innovation, intellectual property (IP), and global competition will shape the economy of the future so it is surely important that IP education is taken more seriously?

As someone once said: ‘the future of world trade is intellectual property’

I am John Pryor, making IP accessible and valuable for your business.

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