Most IP theft is by insiders

Most theft of intellectual property is by insiders and it is not malicious.

This means that your own staff, investors, customers, suppliers, partners are leaking your valuable IP by mistake and often without even realising it.

Think what provides your business with competitive advantage and what your competitors would like most to get their hands on…then make sure these aspects of IP are protected.

Investors would never leak your IP deliberately, but they are in receipt of soo much information it is difficult in the moment to remember where it came from and whether it is confidential.

Think it can’t happen – think again TCS consultancy just got stung with a $200m fine for transferring IP from one customer to another.

Want to know what steps to take to protect your valuable IP. HMU.

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JOHN PRYOR: I am John Pryor, I am a strategy consultant focussed on intellectual property and dedicated to supporting people and business to make the best use of all available IP to compete and win in the marketplace. My aims are to maximise people’s understanding and to help develop their skills, so that they can deploy IP in their business successfully and cost effectively, to help achieve a higher valuation.

Book: The Innovation Handbook, 2nd Edition 2010. chapter: How to maximize the value of your intellectual property.

ABOUT MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS: In these videos I explain some of the most important aspects of intellectual property in ways that make it relevant and accessible to business people.

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