Merger. What should you do with old websites and domains? Treat them with care

Merger. What should you do with old websites and domains?

Treat them with care


Because someone else might be able to gain access to your email, sensitive information, social media accounts and billing etc by re-registering your old domain name! Providing big opportunities for fraud. In some countries lists of expired domain names are freely available to anyone!

Once the domain name is registered, changing something called the Mx record enables control over incoming emails. Having ownership of the domain name means they have full control over the incoming email flow and some key business intellectual property!

Having working access to an email address is powerful because by using password reset you will be able to gain access to whole range of services originally belonging to the former business and its staff.

These include:

email and file storage

Google Drive

social media accounts

your online shopping services – Amazon, eBay, PayPal

In some cases people also register these abandoned names to grab the SEO

Post M&A rationalisation often includes dropping older brand names and their associated domain names and this is quite common in professional service firm mergers. The risk here is that highly sensitive information (financial, personal, confidential and privileged information of the former owner) becomes accessible to bad actors with the associated risk to clients, reputation, and business.

Cyber expert Gabor Szathmari explains in great detail how he was able to gain access to an incredible volume of sensitive client information using abandoned domain names of law firms

What business intellectual property have you left behind in a merger?

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Merger. What should you do with old websites and domains?
Treat them with care

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