AI voice and video cloning will dupe us all.

Its not Just Scarlett Johansson and her voice.

Celebrities are under fire with their reputations at stake.

Fake celebrity product endorsements are realistic and believable.

Political influence

We will see wave after wave of fake political endorsements from celebrities during this year of global elections, with real power to influence voter behaviour.

Donate to a celebrity backed charity – think again.

Impersonations scams

Donate to a celebrity backed charity – think again.

Send money to a celebrity backed investment – high chance of losing everything.

Tech company responsibility?

The tech companies are peddling fast to try and detect AI fakes but they face a tsunami and are drowning.

Legal rights

Legal rights include the right to privacy, trademark, copyright, false endorsement and the right to publicity, which protects individuals from having identifying features like their name or likeness from being used without their permission and is particularly strong in California, (the home of Hollywood).

Whack A Mole

Celebrities will be playing whack a mole more than ever before. Cease and desist letters will be flying.

Trademark and social media verification

Trademark and copyright will possibly be more important than ever before and getting verified on social media is key.

You have been duped faked warned.

I am John Pryor, making IP accessible and valuable for your business.

The Benefit of Hindsight UpfrontTM





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Book: The Innovation Handbook, 2nd Edition 2010. chapter:  How to maximize the value of your intellectual property.

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