Where is best for innovation?

Can good innovation really occur from home?

You cannot recreate a virtual Eagle Pub!

Watson and Crick famously stumbled upon a concept that lead to them figuring out the structure of DNA whilst drinking after work at the now famous Eagle pub in Cambridge. Sleeping in front of the fire after the pub visit, Watson had a dream of a spiral staircase of intertwined strands of DNA and he realised this might be the key: serendipity.

Serendipity is defined as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Actual face to face meetings can stimulate creativity and spark new ideas in a way that remote meetings cannot.  We are animals and we have six senses which work overtime in creative situations: animal instincts, intuition, body language and facial expressions are all key factors. The actual room, building and environment, can all contribute to a more creative and inventive atmosphere.

I am a believer that you cannot arrange to have fun at a certain time but that it happens spontaneously, given the right circumstances.

The same is true of innovation and creativity.

Sure there will always be a place for virtual meetings but having attended a successful innovation harvesting session this week I am more convinced than ever that face to face makes for more effective innovation.

Where do you innovate the best?

Where does your best innovation happen?

Can good innovation really occur from home?
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