What are you really protecting with cyber security?

What does your cyber security programme defend?

The answer is stuff!

Meaning all the valuable and critical data and processes, needed to run the business.

If you break this down you identify a series of confidential and sensitive information that you would not like your competitors to get hold of, because it would provide them with competitive advantage.

This can be data, processes, M&A information, profitability figures, customer lists, inventions, supplier details, research results both successful and unsuccessful. In other words…….

Trade Secrets

So lets play that back you have a cyber security programme.

That cyber security programme protects sensitive information that is better protected as trade secrets.

Trade Secret programme

In order to protect trade secrets you need a trade secret programme that identifies, values, classifies and protects these assets. Without a trade secrets programme you will struggle to defend your trade secrets from theft and persuade the court to grant you damages, lost earnings etc.

Training employees

As simple as it sounds the best immediate step you can take to defend your trade scetes is to train your employees to recognise trade secrets, understand the value to your business and defend them.

This is because the majority of trade secret losses are caused by employees, contractors and other insiders.

In summary

A Cyber Security Programme = a Trade Secret Programme

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