Registered IP rights Services - Patent, Design, Domain Name and Trademark ®

Certain IP rights can be registered meaning that your IP rights are legally acknowledged within the country where the IP right is ‘granted’. Success in this registration process confers protection and value to the IP right in question.

Developing the right intellectual property protection helps you to prevent others from stealing or copying:

  • your inventions
  • the name, design, look and feel of your products, websites and brands
  • things you write, make or produce

As part of a blended IP strategy your business may decide to register some IP rights in key countries where you trade or expect to trade. Other IP may be retained and protected using unregistered rights. It is generally easier to defend registered IP rights.

Your blended IP strategy for registration will consider risk, reward, competition, future growth and resources.

IP registration generally requires engagement with experts skilled in the area and country. This comes at a cost but it should be a controlled cost and fixed within reason. We only work with IP attorneys with the right expertise and quality, and who will work to ‘fixed’ prices where possible.

We provide services for registration of all IP rights: